Scales & Weighing Equipment

Quantum offers a wide range of industrial platform scales, from standard pallet scales to heavy-duty platform scales for weighing vehicles and heavy structures and items.

Platform Scales

  • Above ground or fully in ground
  • 1 Ton – 3 Ton Standard Designs
  • Custom Built solutions
  • Galvanised or painted finish
  • Low-profile or standard
  • Trade or non-trade applications
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    Scales & Weighing Equipment

    Load Cells & Indicators

  • Quantum has extensive experience with load cells of all types and models and is not limited to offering a particular brand of load cell to our clients.
  • Quantum offers load cell selection based a cost/performance ratio and the individual needs of the client’s load cell application.
  • Load cell types include, single point load cells, shear beam load cells, low profile load cells, tank and silo load cells, weighbridge load cells, on-board truck load cells and double ended beam load cells.
  • Some distinctive features of our range:
  • Capacities: 1 t to 50 t.
  • High accuracy.
  • Total stainless steel construction.
  • Complete hermetic sealing.
  • Protection IP 66/68.
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  • Our high-performance Analogue and digital indicators can be found at work across industry, controlling the weighing function in manufacturing, packing, bulk handling and logistics operations.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of functionalities, from basic indicators for simple weight routines, to fully programmable systems for complete management control.
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